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2019-09-21 04:34

Dec 11, 2012 So with BBM Voice Calling, when you are connected to WIFI, the green phone icon lights up on the users name. This basically means the person is connected to wifi @ home or work.Does the green light phone icon go off when someone is on bbm call and how do i know if there line on bbm is busy? bbm green phone icon

One of my biggest issues with BB10 is the contacts app. Love everything else about this phone. Randomly when I view a contact, the video and BBM voice icon are not visible.

bbm green phone

BlackBerry Quick Tip: What's this icon mean? BBM; appears on corresponding app icon 5. 0, 6. 0, 7. 0. Sending data: 5. 0, 6. 0, 7. 0. Cell Phone Plans What Do BlackBerry Messenger Symbols Mean? March 31 The BlackBerry Messenger application, also called BBM, A gray cell phone icon depicts a text messagebbm green phone icon What does it mean when the private chat icon is green and the phone icon is grey on bbm? Green chat icon top left corner of bbm chat means online.

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BBM; IoT; Apps; Software; BlackBerry Hub message list icons. Icon Description; Unread email: Read email: Make a phone call from the BlackBerry Hub; bbm green phone icon Though most of the answers below are saying that the green dot next to the phone icon on Messenger means the user is online. But, actually, it's more than online. It means the user at the other end has device that supports and can receive voice call over Messenger. Possibilities can be the person at BlackBerry Status Indicator Icons And Their Meaning. by Munish ( a dark green letter with pen across the I have a gold star icon on my phone. no indicators in When the blue phone icon on Facebook Messenger turns gray but that person has wifi, does it mean they're in a call?